expressions that make smart people look silly!

Certain expressions in the English language can make you appear silly. English words and expressions have funny ways to make you lose your audience when used inappropriately.

Looking for a book that tells you your errors in English? Are you hoping to have one that could explain your English mistakes? This eBook is for you!

It is good for your professional communication. It also affords you the opportunity to avoid pitfalls and misconstrue of intention. 

About the e-book

FREE audio files have been included for a better learning of modern standard English expressions. In this book, you find funny expressions that can crack your rib by the time you find out that you have been saying them wrongly. Some standard English expressions have been given graphical illustrations.

It is time you changed your communication style and hone your spoken English with smart expressions. The e-Book has been written in episodes for easy navigation. Each episode contains ten expressions with practical examples and graphical illustrations. There are ten episodes in all. So, you are assured of having about 200 standard English expressions, as the wrong ones have been corrected and replaced with modern standard expressions. You can find more from the book!

This book is recommended for all non-native speakers of English language including students and graduates of English Studies and Linguistics. Students at all levels of education will benefit greatly from this book. This book could be read and studied as a whole; it could also serve as a manual to which reference can be when not sure of the use of a certain English word or expression. It is believed that this book will help in healing many linguistic syndromes.

Biodun Olasedidun

Roemichs International Schools


Audio enhancements for all episodes

Responsive e-reader

Structured navigation

Links for further reading

Pronunciation help

Graphical illustrations

Over 200 standard expressions

Professional reviews

David Olufeagba has succinctly and brilliantly illuminated one hundred words and phrases in ten episodes of ten lexical items each. These are expressions that create ambiguity and off-the-radar meanings to some day-to-day, official, unofficial, religious, and multifaceted expressions. The intention to foreground the hundred words, phrases and standard English idioms is not only daring but appreciable in the noon of day, when common-place English is admired as standard and erroneous English expressions are cast-off or adjudged derelict. Although, ‘Nigerianisms’ which resolve contexts of meaning shift and change in contemporary English has not been factored in, in the pedagogy of the expressions that make smart people look silly, a standard-usage-based approach to the accentuation of the hundred expressions has been successfully hailed by the author.
Oladimeji Olaniyi, Ph.D
Lecturer, Department of English and Literary Studies, Federal University Lokoja, Nigeria
In my humble estimation, 'Expressions That Make Smart People Look Silly' is an instructive, constructive and reflective commentary on the use of standard English across all facets of communicative undertakings. What is more, its pictorial illustrations will draw you in like a spider beckoning to an unwitting fly. To my certain knowledge, David Olufeagba highlighted and righted a plethora of non-standard expressions with customary efficiency. Consequent upon the foregoing, I energetically recommend this book to anyone who is desirous of reaching the dizzy heights of effective English elocution.
Craig O. Esohwode
English Doctor, Lagos State